Sunday, April 15, 2007


Sometimes really feel damn angry. What the hell is he thinking about? Damn. Feel like don't wanna do anything more. Just leave it for others to finish it! Why should I do all these things for nothing? NOBODY appreciate it! I know I'm nothing,everyone listen to him,follow his order,but can't you pay more attention on this project? Put more effort on it,okay? Said hate to do this project,but you also can't just leave it like that right? It's already started. You still have to done it nicely no matter how tough it is,right? Why can you stay back for your basketball session but you can't do this for your project? All these people make me feel that they're totally irresponsible.
Feel very tired now... Busy in many things... Pressure everywhere... Maybe... That's life.


Anonymous said...

Err,who is he? wat project u doing? hehe,can i 8 more a bit? bio project ma?who so laji?

jia you o~ya when i know our CH very zhuan xin when cum to group work de...remember last time the "lian huan hui" no CH no 边缘少年!!nice memory!

alien212 said...

soli, 4get to put my name


pig king here

Anonymous said...