Sunday, November 27, 2016

Nepal Day 5 - Nagarkot → Bhaktapur → Kathmandu

20th March 2014 (Thu), starting the day with a nice sunrise view from our room.

Breathtaking view.

That's the Annapurna Mountain Range.

Had a walk at the hotel's garden after breakfast.

Photo credit to Jiun Tat.

After checking out from the hotel, we headed to Bhaktapur's Durbar Square by taxi.

The White Fasidega Temple

An old man shading under an elephant statue.

Take a rest.

Looking at the guide...

Dog and the dolls...


Serious photo...


Daily life...

Lunch at the Palace Restaurant.

Erotic carvings.

Nyatapola Temple

Bhairab Nath Temple

Vatsala Devi Temple

With some cute animal statues.

After 3 hours at Bhaktapur, we were heading back to Kathmandu.

Our first stop, Swayambhunath, the monkey temple.

The little monkey.

Climbing up 365 steps.


And here you can view the whole city at a glance.




Going down at the back path.

And the day ends here.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Nepal Day 4 - Pokhara → Kathmandu → Nagarkot

19th March 2014 (Wed), we were leaving Pokhara back to Kathmandu, then heading to Nagarkot.

Starting the day again with sunrise viewing, with Jiun Tat here.

(Sorry for the auto-focus, not familiar on filming with DSLR)

Me and Carmen started the 8 hours bus trip again just after the sunrise viewing, while Jiun Tat stay at Pokhara and have some sight seeing as he just reached last night.
We will meet at Kathmandu's airport later on.

Nice and clear view of the mountain range from our bus.

Fast forward...

Here we are. 3 of us taking a taxi from Kathmandu heading to Nagarkot.

Sunset viewing after checking-in to our hotel. Walking distance to a nice hidden viewing platform.

Talking to a local guide who was trying very hard to sell his stuffs.
And yeah, he bought that Nepal book.

Having our dinner in the hotel.
I remember very well that there were a group of more than 15 European tourists, probably family, together with us at the hotel's restaurant during the dinner, and they were celebrating one of the mate's birthday. I felt very good at that moment. It's difficult to describe my feeling at that time.I think because the restaurant was something like a rockhouse style, with dim lights, and with a bunch of Europeans, so I felt like I was at some European country. Haha...
Too bad I didn't take any photo from that event.

And this is the room for the night at Nagarkot.
It is Hotel Country Villa.

Ending the night with stars and moon viewing from our room's balcony.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Nepal Day 3 - Pokhara

18th March 2014 (Tue), second day in Pokhara.
Starting the day with sunrise viewing at the lodge's rooftop, while the moon still hasn't set.


Here comes the sun.

But due to bad weather condition, the Annapurna Mountain Range still cannot be seen.

Breakfast with nice view!

Lower view of the lodge while walking down the hill to the town.

White flowers along the path.


Spot a big tree.

Keep going...

Old people chilling.

After walking for around an hour, we finally reach the town.

Going into the Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave.

A small waterfall channelled from Devi's fall, going through the cave,

Inside the cave.

Here we are, the Devi's Fall.

A sculpture of the Annapurna.

It is something like an underground waterfall.

Going for a boat trip at Phewa Lake after our lunch. But it seems like the weather was bad. I was terrified by the trip actually. Haha...

It is the World Peace Pagoda!

To save money, I decided to took a one way boat trip to the opposite of the lakeside, where we can hike back to our lodge. This time, Carmen was terrified because our hiking journey follow with the lightning storm. During the way, it started to drizzle. But...

There it is! The mountain range!
It appears during our half way hiking! Finally!
I can see Carmen's tears of happiness.
It's totally worth the adventurous hike isn't it? Haha...

Another shot of the mountain.

A closer look.

We reached the lodge and this is the view from it.

Mountain range with Buddhist flag.

And the sun slowly sets...

An amazing night view.
And this is the view I saw the meteor with my naked eye for the first time in my life.

Ending the night with this magnificent photo (while waiting for Jiun Tat to reach Pokhara).
Just open the photo in new tab and enlarge it to see the details of the photo captured.