Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Nepal Day 4 - Pokhara → Kathmandu → Nagarkot

19th March 2014 (Wed), we were leaving Pokhara back to Kathmandu, then heading to Nagarkot.

Starting the day again with sunrise viewing, with Jiun Tat here.

(Sorry for the auto-focus, not familiar on filming with DSLR)

Me and Carmen started the 8 hours bus trip again just after the sunrise viewing, while Jiun Tat stay at Pokhara and have some sight seeing as he just reached last night.
We will meet at Kathmandu's airport later on.

Nice and clear view of the mountain range from our bus.

Fast forward...

Here we are. 3 of us taking a taxi from Kathmandu heading to Nagarkot.

Sunset viewing after checking-in to our hotel. Walking distance to a nice hidden viewing platform.

Talking to a local guide who was trying very hard to sell his stuffs.
And yeah, he bought that Nepal book.

Having our dinner in the hotel.
I remember very well that there were a group of more than 15 European tourists, probably family, together with us at the hotel's restaurant during the dinner, and they were celebrating one of the mate's birthday. I felt very good at that moment. It's difficult to describe my feeling at that time.I think because the restaurant was something like a rockhouse style, with dim lights, and with a bunch of Europeans, so I felt like I was at some European country. Haha...
Too bad I didn't take any photo from that event.

And this is the room for the night at Nagarkot.
It is Hotel Country Villa.

Ending the night with stars and moon viewing from our room's balcony.

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