Thursday, September 11, 2008

The 10th Week

I've already get into UPM for 10 weeks,not including the orientation week. What's the feeling of study at university? It's totally different from our previous school life. When we was at school,we have many time to complete our homework,job,etc. But in university,everything is different. We're rushing with time. Don't try to think you can have a good rest every night. Jobs never end,tests every month,assignments every subject,and so on so on. What can we do? Just like what Kang Wei had told me,'xi guan jiu hao'. What do it mean? Is it get familiar with it? My English is not so good,so,I think so.

How's my university life? I quite enjoy it WHEN I'M FREE. I go to class alone,sit alone in class,eat alone............almost everyday. Don't I have any friend? I did,but not close. My closest friend in university is my roomate. He's Edmund. He's besides me now. Actually I'm in the computer lab of the Chemistry Department of Faculty of Science now. Almost every night I have dinner with him. Why will him accompany me in his daily life? This is mainly because he's the only chinese guy for his course,Instrumentation Science. Only 3 chinese in his course. I also have a chinese guy coursemate,but we're just normal friend. Our channels didn't match with each other. I feel more comfortable when I'm together with Edmund compared to other guys in university. Both of us have some similarities. For example,we're also lazy guy. We didn't study in room after class at night. What we do is,we will sing together inside our room until we feel tired,then we'll go to sleep. Another thing that we'll do is,watching Hong Kong TVB dramas by using my laptop. I didn't mean that we do all this every night. If we did,it's impossible for us to finish out all of our assignments,lab reports,tutorials,presentations and so on.

I love my hostel life,enjoy my university life,but I hate my lecture life. Haha. There is one thing to tell,which is my freedom in university is inversely proportional to my test's mark. My weakest subject now are Physics and Calculus. It seems like my mathematics is sucks right. This kind of subjects need to do more exercises,but I don't have enough exercise to do. I got the questions everytime,but it has no answer sheet attaches with it. What can I do? Just read the theory,and do the examples from the book. Aiya,why I'm telling all these dull stuffs......

Really miss some of my friends... Actually I went home every week. I only meet my family,Carmen,and also Kang Wei. 'Coz they're my VVIP ma... Hopefully I can meet Eli them on this Saturday night. I have my family,friend,and also my love ones. Although I only have 1 friend(I think so),but it's not the matter of quantity,but quality.

(If there's any question after reading this post,you're welcome to leave a comment at here. Thank you,and have a nice day. ^-^)


Anonymous said...

hey dear, i m sry..eli totally sry cos cant meet up wif u last sat..miss me?? i hav a worse day on tat nite so..vry sry..i ll try next meet up wif u if gt chance..miss u so much..

212 said...

waa..1st time c u write so long in eng..haha takecare mood to study..c dao sien come on9

zc said...

me too..

Anonymous said...

wei i not ur friend la??
JIun Tat