Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Not Feeling Well

I'm not okay now. I've scared to posting at here 'coz I afraid that someone will read it and feel unhappy. So,what I've written at here,might not be the 100% of me. It makes me feel like,I can't even express the real me on my writings at here now. Couldn't blame anyone 'coz it's all my fault. I'm the person who worsen the situation.

Behaves badly on love. The name 'playboy' is going to stick on me,right? I think nobody will deny this. It's a fact. Have a bad record. Sometimes,I'll thinking of,I shouldn't be at here in Form 6. At least I won't even hate myself,hate everything that I did. I'm still a guy that love Huie Thing very much. I won't have those bad attitudes as what I have now. I'm still a normal guy. But now,it's totally different. Everything changed. I'm a bad guy in many people's mind. I can't return to the past. I've to walk through it. But the problem is,can I do that? Although I'm the one who hurt my ex,but I also feel that,I've already afraid about,love............

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