Monday, August 06, 2007


It's quite a long time since I last posting at here. Many things have changed. I hope everyone will be fine soon. Nobody get hurt anymore. Maybe it's life. We must gone through many obstacles. I think most of us are putting more concentration on love in our life than any other things. Chemistry,spark,make up feelings,then love. We all like the feeling that to be loved by another person and also love the other person. We'll feel happy,delighted at that time. Most of us often put our beloved to be the no.1 person in our life. We already forget about our family and also friends. At that period of time,we even feel that we can't live
without our beloved,but not because of without our family.

I saw many people feel sad all the time just because his/her beloved break up with him/her. They became aimless in their life. They don't even know that at this time,they're actually hurting those persons that care about them. Their parents,sisters and brothers,friends,etc. Some of them that are not mature enough even make the decision to commit suicide. What a donkey. They didn't dare to face the reality,to face the truth. Go to hell just because of the only 1/3000000000. Don't you think it's funny? I don't think he/she is the only one that is worth for you to be loved since there're 2999999999 more boys/girls out there!
He/she leave you alone,he/she didn't appreciate you,but you did nothing wrong,then why you still wanna act like a stupid,to feel sad because of him/her? It's difficult for a person to let go a person that he/she really loves,but although it's tough,we must also do it well! Youlove him/her very much,you still have the strong feeling to him/her,but his/her feeling to you already became 0,already became past tense. At that time,there's nothing for you to do out of crying. He/she won't come back. Once he/she made the decision to break up with you,he won't even pity you anymore. You can't cry to him/her,tell your feeling to him/her. Nothing you can do to him/her. He/she is useless for you,but make sure,you don't make yourself to become useless. Don't give up everything just because of a HUMAN. There're still many chance out there.

What is considered as puppy love? 2 persons that not really love each other,but they're always together to do something like go for some outings together,hold each other's hand,and some even give out their first kiss. Most of our first love are also puppy love,but a few of them are true love. They can't forget every moment of it after the broke up. Sigh.

To be continued......

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