Saturday, January 31, 2009

short para

Sometimes it juz like... Weird. I'm a weird person. I hope for smth but i dun wan it to be happened. I get back tat feeling now. It's...... Great? I dunno what's tis. Actually i like it. Tis is da real me. Although it's uncomfortable. Why wil it be? These songs juz suit my feeling now. All in my hp. It's been a long time tat i never did tis. My heartbeat is increasing now... Dun wan it to happen. Should i say it's pulsating very fast? Or juz i'm wrong? Hope for it,but also not,n finally yes. But if it din happen,i'll not be calm. Shivering,n feel vomiting for every swallow. I'm scared. Scare for holding,or even missing... A stupid me. I'll end it by now. I muz be tough,to gone through it. Wil it become a sorrow of mine...?

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