Saturday, July 05, 2008


How's my life now? What will my life be in the future? Brighter? Or maybe darker? Way back one year before this,I was still a school boy in high school,but now,I'm a undergraduate university student. It sounds good right? Currently I didn't feel any happiness for being this kind of people. Maybe I'll change my thought after sometime,or maybe I won't. 1 week past. My U life have already past 1 week.
Arhhh... I've lost all my words when my phone suddenly auto restart!
Don't wanna write again anymore!
Haiz... Nevermind. Let me remind...
Currently I didn't feel any happiness from being this kind of people. Maybe my thought will changed one day,or maybe not. I'm that kind of 'negative thinking' person since I was born. That's why my life now will suffer me so much. Thank god 'coz I'm not that kind of 'easy commit suicide' person. If it is,and I've done it,I think I'm already not here from 3 years before this. My birthday is same as Leslie Cheung,12th of September. Will I follow his footstep in the future? CHOI!
To my lovely family members,and my love ones,Kar Muan.
Love You.
(Actually I already consider Kar Muan as my family member.)
I still have 3 years to go.
How can I go through this kind of life?
I know the solution,but I'm not familiar in doing this kind of things.
So,it's my own problem!
No one will pity me!

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