Sunday, July 22, 2007

DLMK18-My Feelings?

I wish I could have a mature girl as my love partner. Someone that has a similar thought as me. We can share each other's things all the time,and also can help each other when facing problems. The most important things is to have the same taste. I prefer a love by soul rather than using brain. Sometimes even can compete with her to get something. Haha... My English is quite bad and you all may not understand what I'm trying to tell.

Less than 4 months to go before STPM. I'm still not ready for anything. I think I'll never achieve my aim if I still don't wanna move forward. I should be worked hard now but not thinking about other things. That's what I did at form 5 that made me only get 6As in SPM. It was also about love. But I never feel regret about things on 2005. I think I should change my attitude starting from tomorrow. Shouldn't be lazy in class anymore. But the biggest problem is my determination. I don't think I'll have 100% determination on study unless something really worst happened to me. Although I say so,but I also don't hope that something bad will happen to me.

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